Project Updates

The Moe Norman Story Feature Film in Development

(Los Angeles/Toronto, July 21, 2015) – Ask any Pro who the most consistent striker of the ball was, and the unanimous response is “Moe Norman.” 33 course records, 55 tournament victories, shot the rarely visited 59 at least three times and called a hole-in-one a fluke yet was “fluky” 17 times, including calling one in the air seconds after it left the tee. As a touring amateur, in order to survive, Moe would publicly sell his first place amateur tournament prizes, sometimes even before he won them and on occasion sold the same prize to more than one person. He regularly intentionally threw tournaments, placing second or third if it was easier to sell that prize than the first. He hitchhiked alone from tournament to tournament and slept in sand traps or under club house patios. Despite his unbelievable golf prowess and the records and recent accolades, Moe spent much of his career virtually alone, in obscurity and poverty.


The David and Krisztian Fund Announced

The David and Krisztian Fund was established in March 2015 and will raise money to help support financially disadvantaged families with assessing and diagnosing children suspected of having Autism, especially to those exhibiting the most severe symptoms.

After consulting with 3-year old Krisztian, as well as parents Denes and Katrina Bajzak, David Carver agreed that his various entertainment companies ( David Carver Music, Films and Management) would devote effort and creativity to financially support the fund through its various entertainment properties. Katrina Bajzak was nominated as Chairperson and will manage the Fund.